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Paola Savarino at WBUR

Three mixed media paintings by Paola Savarino (Song of the Fish, How Are You Mr. Wilson?, and My Italian Friend) will be on display at WBUR corporate offices for the next 18 months. For almost 20 years FPAC (Fort Point Artists Community) has had a highly successful art-lending partnership with WBUR. FPAC artists loan work to be displayed at WBUR and in exchange the radio station promotes FPAC’s major events, such as Open Studios and Art Walk, through on-air advertising. Participation in the art lending program is a way to help support both WBUR and FPAC, and adds to the visibility of the FPAC community. All artwork is highly visible to WBUR’s employees and visitors in their newly renovated and expanded studios. While on loan all artwork is displayed with identifying labels and the program has resulted in the sale of many pieces to both WBUR’s permanent collection and to individuals.