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Al Ford

Over time Al Ford’s narrative has been refined and condensed into a self-referential logo head, like an African mask,

Eric Kluin

A musical analogy for Eric Kluin’s artwork would decidedly not be Jazz; he is admittedly non-improvisational.

Walter Tomasino

Provocative in nature, Walter Tomasino’s work deals with subject matter many artists avoid.

Ludwig Hohlwein

Ludwig Hohlwein is a seminal figure in the history of poster art and graphic design. The incredibly versatile artist and decorator originally trained as an architect

Das Kunstblatt

Published monthly for sixteen years, Das Kunstblatt promoted the work of living artists and the spirit of the “new art” in all its forms,

Paola Savarino

Being a visual person, all of my experiences translate into visual expressions in my work.

Les Affiches Illustrees

Les Affiches Illustrees, (1886-1895) written by Ernest Maindron with 64 original lithographic prints was published in 1896 by Imprimerie Chaix


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