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Artem Mirolevich

His depictions of ancient civilizations, philosophy, present society, and what he envisions for the future has been described as “prophetic” and an “insightful exploration of the nature of man.” Mirolevich creates a world in transition, an organic, apocalyptic world, yet human; one of a hopeful future!

“Science fiction has been my greatest inspiration since childhood, I grew up reading it, watching it, and creating it. I always loved creating my own universes and science fiction is the best field for it.”

In Artem’s world everything changes into a playful utopia: the inviting colors, the certainty of line and his insight into the nature of man. The sky and aqua blues, the fire-breathing red, yellow and oranges, and the ever present black conjure up layers of emotion. Lines finding lines; a labyrinth of mathematical perplexity. All culminating in the final question “Why is man?”

Artem Mirolevich was born in Minsk, Belarus and immigrated to the U.S. with his family at the age of 17, making their home in Buffalo, NY. Soon after his arrival, Artem enrolled in the School of Visual Art, in New York City, and was granted a scholarship from the Department of Illustration. He would later study at the Rietvield Academy of Art in Amsterdam. Intrigued by the city’s cultural and architectural landscape, he used this inspiration to produce many works of art, including images of a post-apocalyptic city submerged deep under water.

Based in New York City, Mirolevich has exhibited in museums and galleries all over the world, including the New Museum (NYC), Museum of Tolerance (Moscow), Miami Art Basel, and has won numerous awards and commissions.

“The artists purpose is to tap into the unknown, the unexplained, the unconscious universe and to give it his own shape and form and present it to the rest of the humanity.”