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Gallery East is proud to be part of the following film productions.

Driven by a powerful soundtrack of classic first generation Hardcore, ALL AGES: The Boston Hardcore Film documents the early Boston Hardcore music scene from 1981 thru 1984. The film delves deep into the social and communal aspects of that unique and explosive era. The culture, straight-edge and D.I.Y. (‘Do It Yourself’) ethics of the time are all explored in this distinctive documentary. With over fifty interviews, never before seen footage, rare photographs, dramatizations, as well as a blazing soundtrack by SS Decontrol, Gang Green, Jerry’s Kids, The FU’s and more, ALL AGES examines this vibrant period of American youth culture and it’s rich and productive history – sure to be a classic! Read More–>

Gallery East Productions recently teamed up with Stone Films director Drew Stone and Highsnobiety in a short film Culture Codes: Charting the Rise of Boston’s Hardcore Punk Scene. Outtakes from ALL AGES: The Boston Hardcore Film, classic images from punk photo documentarian Phil In Phlash, and early 1980s video footage from upstart Red Shark Productions (Fredrick Hough). Read More–>

Culture Codes: Charting the Rise of Boston’s Hardcore Punk

ALL AGES: The Boston Hardcore Film Digitally Streaming

Jan.15th 2018 – Gallery East Productions in association with Stone Films NYC and Battle Royal partner to stream ALL AGES: The Boston Hardcore Film on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Microsoft Store, Vimeo, YouTube Channel and Google Play. In celebration of the film’s re-release, Jerry’s Kids, Antidote, Beyond, Straw Dogs, Silence Equals Death, and Scalple will be playing an all ages show on January 13, 2018 at 3pm at Brooklyn Bazaar. The show will be followed at 9pm by a Q&A with Director Drew Stone and Executive Producer Duane Lucia, as well as a xXx Book event downstairs with authors Mike Gitter and Chris Wrenn. Thank you for the support thru the years and please help spread the word!

The New Dark Ages (1994), an animated short by Steven Giuliano and Walter Tomasino; digitally re-mastered 16mm film to be released by Gallery East Productions in the fall of 2015. Fascinating and disturbing apocalyptic view of human dissolution and self-destruction which devours all that is loved. In a style reminiscent of the German Expressionists, Giuliano and Tomasino sketch an existence at the end of the world with wild dogs, trembling junkies, cock fights, hatred, starvation, sorrow and misery.

Walter Tomasino-The New Dark Ages

Your Mother’s Eggplant – A film written and directed by Duane Lucia