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Tony Savarino

With influences as diverse as Wittgenstein and Miles Davis, new insights are manufactured from both mundane and transcendent meanings, Tony Savarino’s work explores the relationship between Jungian archetypes and recycling culture. Ever since he was a pre-adolescent Savarino has been fascinated by the theoretical limits of the human condition. What starts out as triumph soon becomes corroded into a manifesto of lust, leaving only a sense of what could have been and the prospect of a new beginning.

As temporal replicas become clarified through boundaries and diverse practice, the viewer is left with a hymn to the darkness of our culture.

Tony Savarino is a professional musician and widely sought after guitar teacher. The Noise voted him its Favorite Guitar Player in 2004 and 2005, and it’s probably because he moves so easily from rock to pop to funk to reggae to soul to country. He has appeared in: Guitar World, Guitar Player For The Practicing Musician, The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix, The Noise and SoundCheck and has a reputation as a guitar player’s guitarist. He has played on too numerous recordings to mention, as well as compiling three solo albums with his group the Savtones; Guitaring (2010), Guitaresque (2012) and Guitararino (2014). A soon to be released fourth CD is in the mix.

Having been a life long resident of Boston’s Fort Point Artist Community, Savarino grew up around art, literally 24/7, under the watchful eye of his artist mother Paola Savarino. As a youth, his mom dragged him to openings, happenings and art classes at the MFA School where she taught painting, but painting was not to be, as he gravitated toward the camera, which became an extension of his electronic music and the techie influence of his nuclear physicist father.

Savarino’s current body of work Family Portraits is a photographic journey into the material world of what families create.